5 Еssеntіаl Веаutу Тірs Fоr Тееnаgеrs

The body of a teenager goes through a lot of changes during this transition period from being a child into an adult. Hormonal levels change and can affect the skin and cause stress and self esteem issues. Although not all teenagers experience skin and body problems during this period it is important to take good care of their bodies.

beauty tips for teenagers

We have summarized 5 essential beauty tips to help teenagers deal with the changes

1.Be careful in the choice of products

Something that works for your friend will not necessarily work well for you. Be careful when choosing products for your skin and body care routine. Always consult a doctor first to determine your skin type and recommend suitable products. If you want to try a product research the side effects it can have. If you think it can irritate your skin do not get it or discontinue it. Try to get samples or buy small sizes when checking new products. In this way you will save money on things that may turn out unsuitable for you.

2. Ѕun protection

If your lifestyle is active and you go out a lot it is very important to use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays. The sun can be quite dangerous and exposure to its rays can cause skin cancer. Protect your skin by using sunscreen with a high SPF. Reapply the product after swimming.

3. Моіsturіzе

Even though you are young, as a teenager you must take skin care seriously. Use a light moisturizing cream that will not clog the pores and will help you keep your skin hydrated and fresh. It will also keep maintain the elasticity of the skin.

4. ΝЕVЕR Рор Yоur Ζіts

If you have acne and breakouts do not ever touch or pop the zits. This can turn into an infection and leave pock scars and marks on your skin. If you have a massive breakout always check with your doctor so that he or she can give you something to help you get rid of it.

5. Маkе Uр

Natural make up will help you underline your features in a subtle way and maintain your youthful look. Unless you have a special event you can skip the heavy make up and opt for something fresh and light.Never go to sleep with make up on!